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Welcome to The Nests at Chapman Knoll. Owning a bed and breakfast has always been a dream of ours and we could not be more excited to finally share our dream with you.

Just a few short years ago we had a retirement home in beautiful Charleston, S.C. My husband had retired not once, but twice! When he kept going back to work and never moved to S.C. I quickly realized a beach retirement was not for us. On a road trip to visit Rodger’s hometown of Bluefield, VA we came upon Floyd, V.A. and fell in love.

Surrounded by friendly faces, small town charm and the sweeping mountain views, we instantly knew we wanted to call this place our home. Within three months we sold our Charleston home, bought a 23 acre, non-working farm in neighboring Woolwine, V.A., retired for the third and final time and moved into our dream home.

The property, which overlooks the Blue Ridge Mountains, is not only a farmhouse, it also houses three separate apartments, The Nests at Chapman Knoll. We got right to work on remodeling the first of The Nests, Yellow Bird, a spacious two bedroom accommodation with a full kitchen. We’ve been very remodeling the property, getting the farm up and running and settling into our new life here in the mountains.

With the addition of two calves (Anne Shirley & Mae Mobley), two goats (Stormy and Willow), a rooster along with his flock of chickens and an adventurous puppy named Pig, we certainly have come a long way. 

Our current renovations have come to an end and the time has come to finally share The Nests at Chapman Knoll with you. We can’t wait to see you at the farm!

Kim & Rodger Chapman